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We provide lots of support to our drivers; on the road and a host of other resources.  We know that supporting our drivers is a key to insuring your freight arrives safely, on time, at its destination.

We have an option to lease on your truck or lease purchase.  The percentage paid per load is 77% – 82% of the load hauled plus 100% fuel surcharge regardless of which option you choose.

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Lease Option

  • Zero down lease options!!
  • No credit check!  No final balloon payment!
  • LIMITED TIME: $2000 sign on bonus!
  • Bi-monthly payments deducted from your settlements.
  • We pay permits, tolls & weight receipts.
  • Owner  operators  are  paid  a  percentage  of  77%-82% of  the  load  hauled  plus 100% fuel surcharge.


CONTACT RECRUITING @ 800-628-6419 ext. 206

General Driver Qualifications

For more information, contact Recruiting
800-628-6419 ext. 206

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